Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We found a couple of days this week to create and finalise our Wordpress Plugin. This beautifully crafted plugin allows you website builders and owners to add one of our recipes directly to you site, utilising all the power of our website.
Check out the plugin and do let us know what you've been creating.
One of our most requested features since we launched the site,
serving size choice
, has been finished up and launched. Wahoo!! Simply go to any recipe (see the Old Acquaintance for instance) and theres now a serving size choice. It's a premium member only feature for now (
reason to upgrade).
Along with these we've tweaked some of our upsell windows to help explain better the premium features. We've also fixed a bug on registration sow e now automatically add on the 10% discount when registering and choosing to sign up to our mailing list.
New, improved and fixed all in one update.
Oh and our app is still being built. Bear with us ...
We've added some extra schema to the code of our lists. Nothing interesting for the end user here but hopefully google can pick them up and understand the structure a little more. Take a look at our Spring Awakens list if you're looking for something fun.
While we are all still squirrelling away on the (greatest and best) cocktail app for Android and iOS, we also upgraded our AISearch (again) to auto generate FAQ's for premium members, and just done a slight wording refresh throughout the reflect this change.
If you're a premium member this is another extra you get for being a wonderful registered premium user. Thanks!
We've improved our search results answers from Cocktail Colin to be more verbose, give the reader more context and a much better answer. For example, heres the question and answer I'm looking for a Mexican cocktail to make with crème de cassis. .
Much easier to read, more detail and just, well, a better answer.
We've improved our Search Cloud page performance 300-400x. I mean it wasn't slow before but we had an n+1 issue which we've solved. Its just soo soo good!!
We've just re-indexed all our cocktail embeddings and upgraded our search embedding data to the latest OpenAI embeddings calls. This allows for more data, faster results, and ore accurate well thought out results based on your search terms. Just all little improvements to help you get the most from our site.
Wow, what a crazy week, first out whole new 'Top cocktails' feature over a host of ingredients, and today we finished (is anything ever finished - we've got more ideas already?) our new AI Search results and surfacing those amazing searches you all carry out.
If you head over to our AI Search page we've made the bottom searches all clickable. Taking a look at any of those searches you'll see a new revamped premium results page. Take a look at this great question for instance...
We've enabled this 'premium' look on over 1500 search results, so if you go to any of your old searches you might get lucky and have the premium look enabled. Even if not, the only thing you'll really be missing is the FAQ's that we haven't plugged in but the UI is changed to the new look.
Thats 1500+ great searches that you've all been making, and we've given you results for, and with additional meta data via FAQ's and some extra meta data we've thrown in.
Any new searches won't have the FAQ tied into it, as we want to ensure we only do this for decent useful searches, but we'll roll that out to new ones periodically.
Now just to surface those searches and get them out to you other than google, bing etc picking them up. We're working on that!


Updated AI

We've updated our AI to the latest model (gtp-4o) throughout the system. Faster and better results ahoy - like on our awesome AI Search page.
We've just finished up and pushed a new major 'section' to our site - the deep dive into an ingredients top cocktails and the reasons they are there etc. Kinda like a premium list but purely based on an ingredient.
For example here is out Top Ten Triple Sec Cocktails
We're slowly filling up the results with ingredients, so you should start to see links to those lists throughout the site. We're really enjoying this new content angle.
Meanwhile, we've fixed a bug on our blog posts and level up posts where certain indexes weren't showing (resulting in a completely broken page)!
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