Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


It seems like 4 days since an update on Make Me a Cocktail is a lifetime, but we've actually been working really hard on 90% of things you just can't see, behind the scenes stuff that's coming up in the future.
We've been working really hard on a new ingredient deep dive newsletter that should be starting next week. We've changed a lot of our welcome / onboarding emails and also added 10% discount codes to our premium memberships for email subscribers (with various textual notifications of that). We've put in a lot of the groundwork for the much asked for social logins to the site, as well as got the basics of a new commenting system done.
We've also added a 'Other lists you might like' from our Individual List screen, added some example newsletters on the subscribe page, fixed some cookie issues, made some UI tweaks to the login page, the cocktail page, and a few other sections, and probably a host more that I can't quite remember.
Happy shaking all, some big things on the horizon.
We've created a base premium membership page that non-logged in users get directed to to find out more about the premium membership.
We've just finished (and pushed live) all new designed emails for the welcome email, and our 3 onboarding emails. They now look lovely and hopefully help users get the most from our site.
Oh and we changed getting started to show 4 level up posts, because, well, there was 4 spaces.
We've gone deep here and re-aligned our email setup to ensure the best deliverability we can. It was still being reported as SPAM too often. We've (hopefully) fixed this now, and along the way learnt a lot about boring geeky SPF, DMARC, DKIM and more :yawn:
We've fixed a host of SEO issues / tweaks, but also in the process just deep dived into all our page speeds, and tweaked and changed as necessary. Smaller images, deferred (lazy) loading, removing some hidden content that was being loaded and more. Everything should load up a lot snappier now!



Brand pages

We've seriously upgraded our ingredient brand pages, allowing a lot more information to be available to users and brands alike. Alongside this we've created a new page for brands interested in working with us.
Finally a small bit of extra info for adding ingredients to your bar, which shows that an ingredient is in your bar (rather than the negation of not showing you the ability to add ... if that makes sense. Oh whatever)
We've been tweaking our emails to give you more information and help with some our deliverability. We've also fixed a few spello's that were lying around, added a couple more useful buttons here and there and tweaked some wording. Just a few little wins!
We've made the cocktail creator a bit more informative when using specific ingredients. You can now choose to use Your bar ingredients, or anything, and then from there specify what ingredients you want use. Just makes a little more sense.
Also made some UI adjustments and better flow for any ingredients that are chosen.
We've just pushed a tweaked UI for our level up categories pages, along with some extra text to help explain how to get the most from the pages. This brings us closer to what we've always imagined the Level Up series should be.
We've actually been working really hard on some geeky backend stuff most of the day, but in the in-between times we've changed tweaked some UI colour issues in dark mode, added some small extra margins to help space things out, and (finally) fixed a long standing bug when non-registered users tried selecting drinks they could make, when they didn't have bar, from a search result. Took some time to find that little gremlin!
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